Ships on Lake Superior battle ice

NWS says this is thickest ice-up in 35 years

Ships using Lake Superior are having a tough time due to the worst buildup of ice in decades.

Wis. Marine who died in Vietnam to be buried

Burial will be almost 46 years to the day Marine was killed

A Wisconsin Marine who died in Vietnam will be buried off Lake Superior this weekend, almost 46 years to the day he was killed in a helicopter crash.

100 years later, shipwreck found in Lake Superior

Ship accidentally sailed into the Great Lakes Storm of 1913

Nearly 100 years after the Henry B. Smith freighter went down in Lake Superior during a November storm, a group of shipwreck hunters believes it has found the ship -- largely intact.

Lake Superior level rises fast

The lake usually rises 4 inches each May but it rose 9 inche this year

Lake Superior usually rises only about 4 inches each May. But thanks to late snow and a cold spring that held back runoff, May more than made up for the difference.