How close are we to a hamburger grown in a lab?

The latest craze in the food industry, in vitro or "clean" meat, is produced by extracting stem cells from animals and then growing and multiplying those cells in a lab to create a piece of meat.

Biotech Boot Camp hosts ultimate science class for kids

For the last six years Dr. Thomas Tubon has worked as an instructor in the biotechnology lab at Madison College preparing college students for careers. This week he is in the same biotechnology lab, but he is working with middle school students in what is called the Biotech Boot Camp.

Audit recommends ways for DHS to save money

A state audit says the Wisconsin Department of Health Services should create written policies to guide how it selects housing for sexually violent offenders in the supervised release program.

Pepin Heights Orchards Issues Cider Advisory

Pepin Heights Orchards is advising consumers to discard certain Pepin Heights brand Honeycrisp Apple Cider.The Minnesota Agriculture Department said lab tests found some products may be contaminated with a mycotoxin called patulin.Lake City-based Pepin Heights said the advisory is precautionary.…