Madison police work to connect with community

MPD hopes officers are involved in community beyond law enforcement

Now the officer-involved shooting death of 31-year-old Dontre Hamilton in Milwaukee brings the problem closer to home.

Madison council moves police body cameras forward

Debate lasted until Wed. morning

Poised to move the police body-camera issue forward Tuesday night, members of the common council reviewed a Madison Police Department report that says the project would cost nearly $1 million.

Local leaders react to Ferguson decision

Koval, Johnson commit to nonviolence mission in Madison

Local Madison leaders reacted Monday night to the Ferguson grand jury's decision not to indict office Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Chief Koval talks pot after massive marijuana bust

Koval says decriminalizing casual possession in Madison has been successful

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said the massive marijuana bust announced Thursday was so significant in scope that it "couldn't be denied or overlooked." 

NAACP plans to take concerns of militarization to MPD chief

Military vehicle could amp up tension in Ferguson-like clash, NAACP leaders say

A big theme coming out of Ferguson is the question over militarizing local law enforcement. And Tuesday night, during a Dane County NAACP meeting, executive members approved taking those concerns to Madison Police Chief Mike Koval.

Madison police chief reacts to Ferguson

Koval: Use of military equipment not first strategy for officers

The police response to demonstrations in Ferguson has received nationwide attention, with critics saying the scene looks like something out of a war zone as officers use tanks and combat armor.

Madison announces Koval as new police chief

Koval chosen over Capt. Carl Gloede

Madison police Sgt. Mike Koval will be Madison's next police chief. Koval was named to the position by the city's Police and Fire Commission on Friday.

Former police chief weighs in on finalists

Sgt. Mike Koval and Capt. Carl Gloede are still in the running for the city's top cop

Madison's former police chief says the finalists to replace him are "quality candidates."