Spring Green author solves a family mystery in new book

Green looks into her aunt's death

Spring Green author Doris Green says she "puts an end to rumors" about the death of her aunt in a northern Wisconsin tavern apartment in 1960 in her book "Elsie's Story: Chasing a Family Mystery," published last year.

Roach: Double standards in the news industry

Pressure on a woman's appearance is constant

As news anchors deliver breathless updates or sage counsel, I find myself distracted, not by the information I am receiving, but by a fundamental injustice I am seeing.

Michel: Madison Magazine rocks its own style

AP style encourages publications to make changes

Madison Magazine has its own style. I am referring to the editorial style that dictates when we capitalize certain words, how we refer to local landmarks and how we address dozens of tedious details that the average writer rarely stops to ponder.

Madison's parks friends groups

Join one of the groups to support the parks

The following 21 friends groups are active in Madison. More information about each volunteer organization and ways to get involved can be found here.