Celebrating freedom with Juneteenth Day

A chance to heal from our nation's past

The poet Fabu writes about people who view Juneteenth as a chance for healing from the "legacy of enslavement in our nation.

Heinen: A less-cluttered mind to celebrate Madison

Madison is becoming a 'wonderful to all' city

In my now less-cluttered mind, these experiences demonstrate that Madison—mindful of its disparities—is becoming a “wonderful to all” city, I feel lucky to live here.

Michel: Jaji means father

A letter from the editor on Father's Day

Dear JajI: When I saw you for a brief moment a few weeks ago, I wished I had time to tell you about the ways you've influenced my life and work. Since I won't be with you on Father's Day, I am taking this time to share some thoughts with you.

7 Wisconsin Area Road Trips

Find fun without driving across the country

You can find fun without driving halfway across the country. Check out these 7 close destinations.

Recipe: Sneaky smoothie

How to hide spinach in a tasty fruit smoothie

Here's how you can hide spinach in a tasty fruit smoothie.

1967: The summer of our discontent

Monumental moments that riveted Madison in 1967

Madison had its share of sex, drugs and rock and roll in 1967—but it also had riots, racial tension and a pivotal protest, plus governmental failure, labor strife and a tragedy of international note.

A rising research star

It all started when when Jing Li got a computer

It all started when when Jing Li got a computer.

Sips for the summer

Sommelier Caitlin Suemnicht's white and red picks

Sommelier Caitlin Suemnicht's white and red picks

Local businesses adopt LGBT-friendly policies

Madison businesses welcome gay and lesbian workers

Some workplaces in Madison have developed policies and practices that are welcoming to gay and lesbian employees, but these efforts go unnoticed if they’re not highly visible.

6 can't-miss June arts events

June is jam-packed with music, theater and more

Between art exhibits, concerts (including concerts on the square), theater performances and Harry Potter screenings accompanied with live music from the Madison Symphony Orchestra, June is jam-packed.

Seeking clarity with Madison's lakes

Improving Mendota key to improving all lakes

Climate change, phosphorus runoff and invasive species in Lake Mendota require action, and the key to improving Lake Mendota is the key to improving all lakes.