A young Madison dancer wants to go pro

Sachse-Hofheimer spends 25 hours a week dancing

When jazz dance lessons didn't interest Milo Sachse-Hofheimer eight years ago, the youngster implored his parents to sign him up for ballet classes.

Covering the Capitol over 40 years

Each political reporter provided a new perspective

James Selk's years covering the state Capitol for the Wisconsin State Journal was one of the most interesting periods of his life.

4 keepers of Madison's gardens

Gardeners and volunteers care for lush city spaces

Behind the ivy-covered trellises and rose bushes are the expert gardeners and community volunteers who maintain some of the city’s lushest green spaces.

Roach: Cream or sugar?

Mornings are a time of respite

In the morning there is no social adrenaline. No hyperactivity. The day has just begun.

Spice up your hot dog

These four combos make for yummy snacks

Nothing screams summer quite like a potluck featuring grilled franks.

Heinen: A 40-year lens of Madison

Magazine and city have changed in past 40 years

I moved to Madison in 1974, but I started my first job as a journalist, my career, in 1978, the year this publication became Madison Magazine.

Wisconsin Coworking Collective launches this summer

Tiffanie Mark looks to harness collective power

Launching this summer, Wisconsin Coworking Collective aims to increase the industry’s profile and provide the general public with a better understanding of the unique value of co-working spaces.

Decades of change and compassion

Dr. Bill Rock comforted the dying for 40 years

Dr. Rock proved to be important, not just to Agrace or the people to whom he ministered.

40 years of tackling tough topics

Chronic societal problems require circling back

Madison Magazine has a long history of covering social issues like gun control and homelessness.

Recipe: Strawberry shortcake stacks

Enjoy fresh strawberries in this dessert

It’s difficult to resist the sweet burst of goodness you get when you bite into a perfectly ripe strawberry.