Roach: Being brave during times of fear

Remembering America's past during Fourth of July

We have always figured out a way to make America a little better with each generation. And we don’t do it out of fear. We do it because we love freedom for ourselves and others.

Michel: 'Best of' times

Exploring the new process for Best of Madison

Editor Karen Lincoln Michel explains the new process for Best of Madison nominations and voting in July's issue.

Stroll around the square with a sammie

Casetta serves up delicious sandwiches

Two friends made the deli counter, bar and retailer Casetta Kitchen & Counter and continue upping the sandwich game in Madison. 

The next big pipeline protest?

Native Americans lead the fight for clean water

Patty Loew sees the impact of the recent Dakota Access Pipeline protests and raises questions about what comes next.

5 new food carts in Madison

Get a taste of these new places

There are a few new carts on the block these days, and we can't wait to try them out this summer.Hit up Zam Zam Authentic Afghan Cuisine for kofta, an Afghan-style meatball, and warm naan.Check out The Rodeo Wagon for…

Action on Alzheimer's and dementia

Two opposites team up to work on the cause

Two lawmakers on the opposite side of the political spectrum teamed up to examine dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

A trans man's pregnancy

Kaci Sullivan shares his story

Kaci Sullivan is a transgender man pregnant with a baby due in November.

Bike the burbs

Cyclists enjoy great paths outside of Madison

Right outside of Madison is a treasure trove of bike baths in the burbs.

Recipe: Summery biscuits

Taste the farm life with vegetables

Taste a piece of the farm life with this summer vegetarian cobbler with basil parmesan biscuits.

Mad about the 'burbs

103 summer activities to do in the Madison suburbs

Spend your summer in the Madison suburbs with 103 different activities.

Places to buy a dog

Find your new best friend

Whether you're looking for a best friend, a cuddle buddy or a trusty companion, these local spots can help you find the pup perfect for you.

A special border collie

Helping a dog trainer deal with real-life issues

Patricia McConnell has a special relationship with her border collie, one full of helping one another.

5 reasons to love dogs

Highlighting the other members of a family

The fluffy members of a family give humans plenty of reasons to love them.

6 spectacular July arts events

Expect a month filled with art and music festivals

With Art Fair on the Square, Opera in the Park and Live on King Street, expect a month filled with top-notch events.