Elections Board Asks Clerks About Recall Dates

The Wisconsin state elections board is asking local election clerks for their opinions on five possible scenarios for holding recall elections against Gov. Scott Walker and five others.

Judge To Hear Arguments In Voter ID Lawsuit

A lawsuit designed to throw out a controversial new law requiring people to present identification when they vote in Wisconsin will get a hearing before a Dane County judge Thursday morning.

Wisconsin Rapids Dentist Sentenced For Drug Prescriptions

A federal judge has sentenced a Wisconsin Rapids dentist to prison for improperly writing prescriptions to obtain oxycodone.According to prosecutors, Edward McGrath wrote about 207 prescriptions from April 2009 through April 2010 to get the drug.He wrote prescriptions for someone…

Walker Appoints Dane County Circuit Judges

Gov. Scott Walker appointed two judges to serve on the Circuit Court of Dane County.Judge Frank Remington will serve as a judge for Branch 8, and Roger Allen will serve as a judge for Branch 11.Remington studied at the University…