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Uber, Lyft may look the same, but their visions are not

At first blush, it can be hard to tell Uber and Lyft's businesses apart. Both companies offer rides on demand, from a mix of cars, bikes and scooters. They rely on a vast workforce of independent contractors, many of whom drive for both companies. Uber and Lyft even share certain large investors, and now they are going public back to back.

Lyft's John Zimmer put it all on the line to catch Uber

Right now, Lyft is thriving. In the last year, the company expanded its business into bikes, scooters and self-driving cars, and has grown to 4,500 employees. It's ridden a wave of user growth as some customers switched to the platform following a series of scandals at rival Uber. And it recently filed to go public in early 2019, a move that could raise billions of dollars.

Lyft's quiet CEO opens up on his wild ride

The men who run the biggest companies in tech right now are not, for the most part, shy or modest. Elon Musk sends things into space and promises to use a bunch of tubes to change transportation as we know it. Jeff Bezos seemingly hasn't met a retail-related sector he doesn't want to dominate. Mark Zuckerberg goes on nationwide listening tours and sparks speculation of a presidential run.