Police kill father holding teacher hostage

A SWAT team in Riverside, California, killed a father who held a teacher hostage for nearly seven hours Tuesday in an elementary school, according to CBS News and the Washington Post.

Swedish hostage released after 6 years

Swedish hostage Johan Gustafsson, who had been held captive for six years by a branch of al Qaeda in Mali, has returned to Sweden after the militants released him, the Swedish government said.

Janesville police search for phony hostage caller

Hoax caller could be fined $100 to $600

Janesville police are still looking for the person who is responsible for making the phony call Sunday that shut down a street and forced neighbors from their homes.

Dodgeville man saves hostage of high-speed chase

Shop owner shelters man kidnapped by man fleeing from authorities

It's not the first high-speed chase Clint Rickey has seen blow by his taxidermy store. The chase Tuesday morning was the second one he has seen in the last year, but the first one he has been directly involved in.