Court documents: Steele left note planning homicides

Judge increases bail to $2 million

Court documents filed this week claim former Dane County Sheriff's Deputy Andrew Steele planned the homicides of his wife and sister-in-law for "a number of days" and left a note on his phone detailing his plan.

Family of accused former deputy 'devastated'

Statement released by Steele family

The family of Andrew Steele, a former Dane County Sheriff's Deputy accused in a Fitchburg double homicide, says they are devastated following the shooting of their daughter-in-law and her sister.

Former deputy accused in double homicide booked into jail

Andy Steele is being housed in Rock County Jail, officials say

The former Dane County deputy accused of killing his wife and sister-in-law has been booked into the Dane County Jail, but is being housed in the Rock County Jail, officials said.

Dane County DA to make decision on Steele's hearing Tuesday

Former deputy has been moved to Milwaukee-area medical facility

Dane County DA Ismael Ozanne said a decision will be made Tuesday morning about the location for a possible bond hearing for former Dane County Deputy Andy Steele, now accused in a double homicide.