Want to save on a home? Buy it with some strangers

While looking for a home in Los Angeles, Dan Nufer saw a house in the Glassell Park neighborhood that was better than anything else he'd seen -- newly renovated and larger than the properties he'd already been outbid on.

Plan an easy landscape project

As leaves begin to bud on trees across the country and temperatures finally start to climb, landscaping can become a great weekend project.

Free pesticide registry accepting sign-ups

Homeowners and renters wishing to be notified when professional pesticide applications are going to be made in their neighborhood can now sign up online for a registry to get a heads up.

Bill Gives Homeowners Self-Defense Protection

Homeowners acting in self-defense would be immune from criminal or civil liability if they kill someone who is in their residence, vehicle or workplace unlawfully under a bill passed by the state Assembly on Tuesday.