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And that’s the thing about music in Madison: Find yourself in the right place, with the right people and the right music, and magic happens.

Police searching for Madison Craigslist scammer

Tennessee man conned out of jewelry in Craigslist transaction

Madison police received a complaint on Dec. 5, from a resident in Greenbrier, Tennessee, of a Craigslist scam involving an individual in the Madison area, according to a report.

Man finds his stolen books at used bookstore

Records lead police to suspected thief

A Madison man who did his own detective work after his packages were stolen helped police track down a man suspected of selling the books in the packages to a used bookstore.

Woman with stab wound says she was robbed

Police: Victim not clear on where attack happened

A woman who showed up at a clinic with a stab wound to the torso tells police she was stabbed and punched while being robbed.