Russian hacking hearings: 6 takeaways

Both sides of the Capitol on Wednesday heard from experts about the extent of Russian meddling in the 2016 election, with officials for the first time revealing how many states' election-related systems were targeted by Russian hackers.

Russia hacked 'every day' from US territory, Kremlin says

On the day when former FBI chief James Comey testified in front of the Senate intelligence committee on the Russian election hacking saga, Moscow said it had observed hacking attempts launched against it from US territory "every day."

Macron vows retaliation if chemical weapons used in Syria

The use of chemical weapons in Syria, gay rights and Russian media coverage of the recent French presidential election were high on the agenda during talks Monday between new French President Emmanuel Macron and Russia's Vladimir Putin.

Hacking suspect set to plead in Koch cyberattack

Hacking suspect faces change-of-plea hearing in Koch Industries cyberattack conspiracy

A Wisconsin trucker who joined a cyberattack on Wichita-based Koch Industries has admitted his role in the onslaught that took the website offline for about 15 minutes.