Lawmakers embrace hackers in Vegas as 2020 election looms

Multiple members of congress, dozens of congressional staffers and members of the intelligence community are gathering in Las Vegas this weekend to rub shoulders with hackers at Def Con, one of the world's largest hacking conferences.

Assange indicted in US on conspiracy to commit computer intrusion

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been charged with helping the former Army intelligence specialist Chelsea Manning access Defense Department computers in 2010 in an effort to disclose secret government documents, the U.S. Justice Department announced Thursday morning, hours after Assange was forcibly removed by authorities from the Ecuadoran embassy in London.

Hackers accessed personal information of 30M Facebook users

Almost 30 million Facebook users' phone numbers and email addresses were accessed by hackers in the biggest security breach in the company's history, Facebook said Friday. The attackers accessed even more details on 14 million of those users, including the area where they live, their relationship status, their religion, and part of their search history.

North Korean hackers tried to steal over $1B, report says

The North Korean government uses a shadowy network of cyberactors to conduct financial crimes on behalf of Kim Jong Un's regime that have attempted to steal over $1.1 billion in "particularly aggressive" attacks on global banks, according to a new report from a cybersecurity watchdog.

Only Florida sees letter on Russia hacking threats

A request by the Senate Intelligence Committee for Florida's US senators to send a letter on Russian hacking threats to state election officials was made only to Florida and not the senators of any other state, the committee's top Democrat told CNN on Wednesday.