Conservative group says Walker probe improper

The conservative group at the heart of the investigation into Gov. Scott Walker's 2012 recall campaign says the state election board improperly plowed ahead with its probe of the governor.

Head of elections board defends work

Day-long meeting focuses on Gov't Accountability Board

The state board that oversees elections in Wisconsin plans to discuss a new audit that found problems with its operations that is fueling calls for Republicans for an overhaul.

Rock County group receptive to Ryan's poverty plan

Program would give grant to states to decide how to use locally

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan said he has a plan to reduce poverty across the country. He's calling for major changes to how the government helps low-income families, including giving states and local organizations more control.

'Yes' vote on Tuesday's referendum is vote for better government

It isn't always the case that we get a ready-made, bonus motivational tool to get residents to consider voting in the Spring election which, by the way, is Tuesday. But in addition to the by now familiar refrain of how important local elections are, especially school boards – think about it for a minute – Tuesday's election is also an opportunity for voters to be heard on arguably the most important issue of electoral democracy, good government and fair play facing this state right now – redistricting reform.

US spying prompts reversal by anti-terror lawmaker Rep. Sensenbrenner

He gave more surveillance power to U.S. government spies, railed against civil liberties advocates who warned about privacy abuses, and famously shut down a 2005 hearing to silence critics. Now Rep. James Sensenbrenner wants to scale back some of the counter-terror laws he once championed, citing an overreach by the National Security Agency that has proven him wrong.

Soldiers, researchers brace for shutdown impact

News3 talked with local representatives about impending shutdown

Members of the Wisconsin National Guard and those who rely on federal funding for research in the state are closely monitoring whether the federal government heads for a shutdown Monday night.