government shutdown

More than 1,000 TSA employees still owed back pay

More than a month after the longest government shutdown in US history ended, a significant number of Transportation Security Administration employees still have not received all of the back-pay they are owed.

Trump signs spending bill to avert shutdown

President Donald Trump has signed a spending bill to avert another government shutdown, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders confirmed to reporters on the North Lawn.

Congress approves shutdown deal, sending measure to White House

With little more than a day left before funding expires for key parts of the government, the House and Senate both voted on Thursday to approve a spending deal to avert a shutdown, sending the legislation to the White House for President Donald Trump's signature.

Republican senators pray Trump signs bill to avert shutdown

Republican lawmakers are directly urging President Donald Trump on Thursday to sign a bill to avert a government shutdown, underscoring the uncertainty on Capitol Hill in whether Trump is on board just hours before Congress is supposed to vote on the package.

Negotiating an end to the government shutdown: What's plan B?

Lawmakers and aides are looking at the looming failure Thursday of competing proposals to reopen the government as the most positive thing to happen in 34 days of government shutdown morass. Yes, that's an indication of how bad things still are between the two sides, but as one GOP official put it to CNN: "We're all desperate to be optimistic about anything at this point, so I'll take it."

Federal employees turn to food banks during shutdown

Adrienne Walker, a TSA employee in Atlanta, said her pantry is stocked, even though she has been working without pay during the partial government shutdown. But she knows her colleagues with children need groceries more than she does.

Mitch McConnell blocks Senate Democrats' move to reopen government

While President Donald Trump brought his sales pitch for wall to the Texas-Mexico border Thursday, Senate compromise talks to end the government shutdown stalled and congressional Democrats and Republicans spent the day casting votes aimed more at political messaging than resolving their disputes.