Gadget Guy: Motorola DROID

If you're in the market for a new phone, looking for one with more bells and whistles, or just have to have the latest and greatest, check out Motorola's DROID. VIDEO: Watch The Report

Gadget Guy: Flip Mino HD

What the Flip Mino HD lacks in size it more than makes up for in beautiful picture. It's no bigger, and in many cases smaller, than a cell phone and crams in an amazing set of powerful features.

Gadget Guy: Eye-Fi Explore

How long do your pictures sit in your digital camera before finally making it onto your computer? What if you never had to worry about transferring them at all? Well now you can with a gadget called the Eye-Fi Explore. VIDEO: Watch The Report

Gadget Guy: Spot Satellite Personal Tracker

Consider yourself adventurous? Maybe you enjoy kayaking through the boundary waters or skiing in remote areas of the west? Or maybe you go hiking in Europe in areas where cell phone coverage is non-existent. How much would you or your loved ones pay for peace of mind? VIDEO: Watch The Report

Gadget Guy: Vudu Box

Gadget Guy Steve Van Dinter reviews the Vudu Box, an on-demand movie player. VIDEO: Watch The Report