Future of bill to dismantle GAB is unclear

The future of a bill to dismantle the Government Accountability Board is unclear after the state Senate canceled a session Tuesday where they were likely going to vote on it.

Hearing to dissolve GAB leads to sharp exchanges

An hours-long hearing on a bill to dismantle the nonpartisan board that oversees elections, ethics and lobbying in Wisconsin led to sharp words between lawmakers and the firector of the board Tuesday.

Conservative group says Walker probe improper

The conservative group at the heart of the investigation into Gov. Scott Walker's 2012 recall campaign says the state election board improperly plowed ahead with its probe of the governor.

Head of elections board defends work

Day-long meeting focuses on Gov't Accountability Board

The state board that oversees elections in Wisconsin plans to discuss a new audit that found problems with its operations that is fueling calls for Republicans for an overhaul.

State turnout falls below prediction

About 54 percent of Wisconsin's voting-age population cast ballots in the midterm election, the highest turnout in at least 60 years for a non-presidential year but below what was predicted.

Vos should reconsider GAB reform

To his credit Governor Walker says changing the GAB and getting rid of Kennedy are not on his radar and not a priority. Seems like time for Robin Vos to re-examine his priorities as well.

Absentee ballot application lists who to vote for

GAB: Absentee ballot applications with political messages are legal

When Kurt Petersen looked at an application for an absentee ballot he got in the mail, he assumed it had been sent by the municipal clerk in the town of Oxford.

Counties report no big changes in primary results

More than half of the counties in Wisconsin's 6th Congressional District have turned in their results from the Republican primary, and no big differences have shown up yet when compared to the unofficial results.

Wis. Club for Growth sues state elections board

Conservative group Wisconsin Club for Growth has filed a lawsuit against the state board that oversees elections, arguing that it exceeded its authority and violated the group's free speech rights by investigating "virtually every conservative-leaning group in Wisconsin."

Report details polling place violations

Report details more than 10,000 violations at Wisconsin polling places

A new report finds more than 10,000 violations of federal laws governing accessibility of polling places in Wisconsin over the past three years.