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UN investigator blames Saudi Arabia for Khashoggi murder

There is "sufficient credible evidence" Saudi Arabia's crown prince bears responsibility for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and he should be investigated for it, a United Nations special rapporteur said in the first independent investigation into the death.

Katherine Gorka to be Customs and Border Protection press secretary

Katharine Gorka, a political appointee at the Department of Homeland Security who has stirred controversy for her views on terrorism and her role in the department's efforts to combat violent extremism in the US, is expected to be the new press secretary at Customs and Border Protection.

Arrest of Russian journalist sparks backlash

At first glance, the arrest of investigative journalist Ivan Golunov seemed to be the latest in a string of attacks on the free press in Russia. The reporter was brought up last week on what to many appeared to be a fabricated drugs charge.

Assange charged with violating Espionage Act

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been charged with 17 new counts under the Espionage Act for his role in unlawfully encouraging, receiving and publishing national defense information in concert with former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning, setting up a major legal battle over First Amendment protections in the Trump era.

San Francisco police say journalist 'possible co-conspirator'

The San Francisco Police Department said on Tuesday that investigators now suspect a freelance journalist who had refused to reveal the identity of a confidential source took part in a conspiracy to steal a police report on the death of a public defender.

Journalists in danger now have a growing coalition of support

In India, Aasif Sultan is behind bars on anti-state charges for his coverage of the conflict in Kashmir. In South Sudan, editor Anna Nimiriano is fighting to protect her publication — the Juba Monitor — and is under constant threat of imprisonment from the government. And in Myanmar, Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo are still in jail for violating the country's official secrets act, a charge that Reuters says is baseless.

Journalists at nation's largest newspaper chain are nervous

The revelation sent a shudder through newsrooms across the country, from the southwestern border up to the northern Great Plains: MNG Enterprises, the hedge-fund owned company also known as Digital First Media, was submitting a bid to take over Gannett, the publisher of USA Today and about 100 other newspapers.

Obama rips Trump at campaign rallies

Former President Barack Obama made a thinly veiled jab at President Donald Trump on Friday evening, saying it was wrong to use a position of power for attacking others as "enemies of the people and then suddenly pretending that you're concerned about civility."