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Publishers prepare for new California law that puts limits on freelancers

Freelance journalists in California will either be out of work or face limitations on how much content they can produce for one publication. Those are seemingly the only options for media outlets that must soon abide by a California law, going into effect Jan. 1, that affects independent contractors.

Prince Harry takes on the tabloids

Why is he doing it? That's the question everyone's been asking since the Duke of Sussex published a deeply personal statement slamming the UK tabloid press for conducting what he called a "ruthless campaign" against his wife, Meghan.

New York Times cites dangers reporter face in Trump era

A.G. Sulzberger, the publisher of The New York Times, says President Trump has undermined "his own citizens' faith in the news organizations attempting to hold him accountable" and has "effectively given foreign leaders permission to do the same with their countries' journalists."

Why Hong Kong is protesting

Hong Kong is facing a major political crisis amid repeated street protests and mass demonstrations. What started as a movement against a controversial law has expanded into something much bigger.

White House suspends reporter Brian Karem's press pass

It's official: In a letter to Playboy correspondent and CNN political analyst Brian Karem's lawyer on Friday, White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said she had "made a final determination" to suspend Karem's hard pass for 30 days.

Hong Kong battle is not just on streets, it's also online

It's a viscerally emotive picture. A woman who appears to be pregnant lies on the floor of a subway station. It was taken on July 21, after a mob attack in the Yuen Long district of Hong Kong left at least 45 people injured -- including the woman, a civilian who had been caught up in the attack and became known locally as "the woman in white" or "big belly lady," slang for "pregnant lady" in Cantonese.

Is Turkmenistan on the brink of collapse?

Men in white fur caps proudly ride horses across the steppe, rows of modern machinery glisten, Barbie-pink flamingos strut before clear blue skies and a white yacht cuts through the turquoise waters of the Caspian Sea.

Hong Kong's protests hurt business

Hong Kong's most serious political crisis in more than 20 years is taking its toll on the economy and beginning to shake the confidence of international investors.

Judge bars Roger Stone from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Judge Amy Berman Jackson has barred Roger Stone from posting on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and all other forms of social media after finding he purposely tried to gain media attention while under a court-imposed gag order.

Here's why millions in Hong Kong are protesting

The images coming out of Hong Kong over the past month have been striking: millions of black-clad protesters marching through the streets and thousands of yellow-hatted demonstrators storming into government headquarters.