food stamps

Shutdown to cut office overseeing federal food stamps by 95%

As the government shutdown loomed over the holidays, heads of federal agencies and departments overseeing health and public assistance services tweeted that, regardless of what was happening in Washington, they were attending, as much as possible, to business as usual.

Amazon defends itself from Bernie Sanders' attacks

Senator Bernie Sanders wants to slap a special tax on Amazon and other big companies that employ workers who collect food stamps and other public assistance. But Amazon disputes Sanders' depiction, saying its pay and benefits are competitive with other retailers.

The real story of food stamps

President Donald Trump wants to radically overhaul a critical safety net program that covers more than 42 million people -- or roughly one in eight Americans.

White House wants to swap food stamps for food

Budget Director Mick Mulvaney on Monday announced the administration's proposal to replace nearly half of poor Americans' monthly cash benefits with a box of food. It would affect households that receive at least $90 a month in food stamps, or roughly 38 million people.

USDA prioritizes work for food stamp qualifiers

The Trump administration, through the Department of Agriculture, released an outline of priorities for farm legislation that calls for having food stamp recipients work, which has been a longtime priority for conservatives.