Heavy rains threaten Madison lakes with pollutants

Solution requires municipalities, residents to look for ways to reduce runoff

Within a two-hour period Tuesday night, 1 to 2 inches of rain fell on Madison streets. When storm sewers could no longer handle the volume, streets began to flood.

DNR levels with neighbors about levee

Letter explains what should be expected of system, flooding season

The Department of Natural Resources is sending letters to people living near the Caledonia and Lewiston levee system, warning them about the upcoming flood season and the aging infrastructure.

Flood preparations kick off in Columbia County

Sandbags available as snow thaws out across the state

After more than 40 season changes living so close to the Wisconsin River shoreline, and you can bet Mike Hollander has seen it all when it comes to flooding.

Ruptured water pipe damages UW sports center

No date set for reopening

The Camp Randall Sports Center at the University of Wisconsin is closed while campus officials determine the extent of damage caused by a ruptured water pipe.

Middleton preps for flooding

Lake 1.3 feet from 100-year record flood height

The city of Middleton is getting ready for more potential flooding as water levels continue to rise. 

Middleton mayor declares state of emergency

High water levels cause ponds to be pumped to prevent flooding

Middleton Mayor Kurt Sonnentag has declared a state of emergency for the city due to flood concerns, according to a release.

Sludge shuts down University Avenue

Morning commute messy as crews clean up muddy debris

When another few inches of rain was dumped on Madison Wednesday, Keith Anderson said it was more than the storm drain system could take.

Walker declares state of emergency in 7 counties

Gov. has directed state agencies to aid those affected by flooding

Gov. Scott Walker signed an executive order Wednesday, which declares a state of emergency in seven counties, according to a release.

Governor tours Boscobel flood damage

Hundreds of homes damaged by heavy rain

Gov. Scott Walker is touring flood damage in southwestern Wisconsin where hundreds of homes have been damaged by heavy rain.

Heavy rain causes flooding, street closures

More than 2 inches of rain fell in Madison overnight

More storms and flooding are possible Tuesday after heavy rain dropped more than 2 inches of rain on the Madison area overnight.

Mudslide closes highway ‘several days'

Three miles of highway covered in mud

A mudslide brought on by recent rains will keep Highway 61 north of the Boscobel Bridge closed at for several days, according to the Crawford County Highway Department.