Integrating wellness into everything we do

Madisonians work to grow awareness of wellness

With stress, anxiety and depression on the rise in today’s fast-paced culture, there is a growing awareness of the importance of wellness.

9 places to find cooking classes in the Madison area

Get cooking with the help of Madison teachers

Sometimes you just want to channel your inner Julia Child and prepare a restaurant-worthy meal at home. For times like these, lean heavily on Madison’s bounty of cooking classes.

Michel: Dwelling in wellness

Seek balance within yourself

My uncle Gordon Thunder is a wise Ho-Chunk elder who, over the years, has shared some of his wisdom with me.

Finding time for meditation

Take time for self care

In a culture structured around productivity, Andrea Russell finds the practice of yoga and meditation to be more meaningful than ever.

Roach: a boomer's plea

Ah yes. Another month of national turmoil.

People — we do not need another old-ass president.