The slow burn for marijuana legalization

A new crop of advocates advance the conversation

The debate over legalizing marijuana has stalled at the state Capitol, yet more Wisconsinites are asking, ‘Why not pot?’

Roach: No particular place to go

When in doubt, drive

Recent circumstances required me to clear my head. When I was a younger man that meant a five-mile run. Age has made that a lost alternative, so I tried something I’ve never done.

Heinen: Thinking big in 2018

2017 helped ignite a fire in Heinen

It took a year like 2017 to once again ignite a little fire in me to embrace big ideas for Madison for 2018—embrace them and promote them, advocate for them and try to marshal the civic will to accomplish them.

CUNA Mutual Group spins off employment insurance tool

SafetyNet provides a needed safety net

Despite the substantial venture capital CUNA laid out for SafetyNet, the company operates like a startup, employing fail-fast strategies in product development and positioning itself as a social innovation that aims to disrupt the insurance industry.

Foxconn's impact on the Racine community

Mayor Cory Mason explains the deal to Madisonians

Rep. Cory Mason, D-Racine, one of only three Democrats to vote for the measure, gave an impassioned speech about the economic heartbreak his community has seen. We asked Mason what he would tell residents of Madison about the deal.

A local duo helps African American youth

Betty Banks and Gaddi Ben Dan created "Club TNT"

They created “Club Today Not Tomorrow,” or “Club TNT,” based on the idea that if young people make the right decisions today, they won’t deal with the consequences of risky behaviors tomorrow.

Recipe: Wisconsin valentine

Make this for your cheese-loving sweetie

In the dark, cold days of winter, do you long for a touch of summer, as I do? How about a fruity dessert for Valentine’s Day that can double as an indulgent (but healthful) breakfast or brunch dish?

10 craft distilleries in the Madison area

Get your fill of spirits made from local companies

At last count there were 10 craft distillers either in business or just about to open within 50 miles of Madison, eight of them in Dane County.

Frederica Freyberg: Madison's broadcast newswoman

The anchor of "Here and Now" started as a dancer

The world lost a dancer when Frederica Freyberg —then Frederica Runge—decided during college that dance wasn’t ever going to pay the bills.       

Yola's Café supports local charities

The café on the west side serves up waffles

Each month the café has a “Donation Creation,” which is a seasonal waffle offering with the added benefit that Yola’s donates $1 to a local nonprofit for every one sold.

A new need for a Madison circus space

A sour situation has a positive twist

The owners of the old car dealership on Winnebago Street that has housed Madison Circus Space since 2013 revealed plans to tear down the building and construct new condominiums on the site.

6 can't-miss February events

Seinfeld, Portugal. The Man and more

Check out our top event picks for February, including Jerry Seinfeld, Portugal. The Man and a new art exhibit.

8 dates you'll meet in Madison

Navigate your way through the Madison dating scene

Think of this as a conceptual speed dating experience to familiarize yourself with the Madison dating scene. Do any of these types of people check a box on your list? Would someone else check this box about you?          

6 places to take a first date

Test the waters along with these spots

For a first date, coffee or  drinks create a fairly laid-back setting  and it’s easy to get out quickly if a date goes sour.

6 Madison date night mainstays

Make a fun night out with one of these options

Grab a potential love interest or a long-term significant other and try one of these ideas for a great date.

13 Small plate-focused Madison restaurants

At these spots, tapas steal the show

We’ve compiled a not-so-small list of the local restaurants that take the concept of small plates to a logical—and delicious—extreme.