Dynamic Duos: Meet 4 Madison powerful pairs

We met with 4 cool couples for Valentine's Day

Crafting the perfect meal is a careful dance of not too much of one ingredient, and not too little of another. And Tory and Kristine Miller complement each other in all the best ways—like a wonderful dessert to cap off a fabulous meal.

The beauty of local art in the workplace

What if businesses bought local art?

In his role as director of Dane County Cultural Affairs, Mark Fraire says he pushes the practice of supporting local artists every chance he gets. At DCCA’s Dane Arts Buy Local event last fall, he suggested that Madison-area businesses decorate their offices with creations by local artists. He says that although some local companies, such as Epic Systems, have purchased a few pieces of local artwork to display, the concept has yet to catch on.

7 top February events to put on your calendar

Don't miss these dances, exhibits and more

DANCE "bare" Feb. 3-4 As the name suggests, Madison Ballet’s “bare” promises ballet in its purest form in this mixed repertory work, taking place Feb. 3 and 4 in Bartell Theatre’s 200-seat Drury Stage. View pieces by up-and-coming choreographers Jin-Wen Yu from the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s dance program and New York-based Jacqueline Stewart, who has staged works with the ballet in the past. “This is probably our most experimental show of the year,” says Gretchen Bourg, Madison...

Madison startup keeps those who work solo from being siloed

THE JILLS connects independent contractors

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Megan A.C. Boswell’s teenage daughter, who gave her mom and her mom’s business partner Corinne Neil tips on how to use Twitter. That’s where I stumbled upon THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES, read about the venture and discovered that it is a Madison-area startup.

Kaepernick's Act: Justice for all

A political statement made in a different way

Amidst the most partisan and acrimonious election in decades, if not centuries, there was one man in America who made a political statement in a different way. While the air was filled with bluster, insults and bellowing, this man spoke…

Sacred Teachings: A professor's journey in Native American spirituality

Kathy Heskin brings students to reservations

or been to a reservation when I was asked to teach Native American spirituality more than 20 years ago at Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois. The class included a two-week camping trip to Montana, and although I had never camped without my husband and three sons, I said yes. One of my sons participated in a previous class trip to Montana and it had such a positive impact on him that I wanted other students to have that experience, too. I made that 4,300-mile journey 15 times with...

Where to find that pinky-up pizza in Madison

These three places serve up pizza's classy cousin

What's the difference between flatbread and pizza? One might argue it's the artisanal toppings or that fact that you wouldn't be out of line eating it with a fork and knife. If pizza were to have an opinion, he'd probably refer to flatbread as his classy cousin. Enjoy yours at the following locales.

The 29th Annual National Philanthropy Day Awards

The Madison community is awarded for giving back

On a dazzling fall day late last year in the three-story glass and marble fish tank that anchors one of Madison's most iconic buildings, 450 community members gathered for the 29th annual National Philanthropy Day Awards. "There's no better place…

On a path from Pakistan

20-something Saiyna Bashir values her independence

Saiyna Bashir saw a different life for herself than the one she was living in Pakistan. A 20-something, she moved to the U.S. to pursue a career and a life not possible in her native country. Born in Karachi and raised in Pakistan's capitol of Islamabad, Bashir, now 27, studied at one of the only liberal arts colleges at the time in Laehore, the second largest and most populous city in Pakistan. She grew up in a family with Western ideals and was encouraged to get an education and live on her...

Curate your dream space at Brown & Beam

Visit this new Middleton décor store

If you’ve got a couch that’s showing its age or a rug that could use a refresh, head over to Brown & Beam, a new 6,800-square-foot home décor/furniture store in Middleton to get inspired. Owner Lora Brown opened the spacious showroom in November and wants it to be a “shopping destination.”

American Provenance makes awesome apothecary

Blue Mounds company offers all-natural products

Located on his family's farm in Blue Mounds, Kyle LaFond's American Provenance is a line of apothecary products made with all-natural essential oils, coconut oil, shea butter and more. As a former middle school science teacher, LaFond jokes he was inspired to make safer, natural body-care products after smelling a "chemical fog of Axe Body Spray and other products" from his students in the hallways.

Opera for the Young makes a timeless art approachable

Group allows kids to embrace the classics, too

If your child comes home from school one day singing arias, you can thank Opera for the Young for that. But OFTY does more than just teach—it brings children into the performance itself. Founded in Madison in 1970 by a group of professional singers, pianists and University of Wisconsin–Madison staff, the group travels throughout Madison and Dane County to put on educational, interactive performances. Since its formation, OFTY has reached more than 2.5 million students. OFTY also has traveled...

Michel: This is a defining moment for millennials

February cover story looks at this coming of age

On a crisp November night in Madison, I watched a sea of mostly college students march up State Street protesting the outcome of the presidential election held two days prior. I was awestruck, not because thousands turned out for the rally but because until then, I hadn't seen such fervor rising from the group known as 20-somethings. I kept thinking: Why did they wait so long to speak out?

Life as a 20-something in Madison

These emerging adults veer from the norm

Winnie Karanja avoids talking about her age because she knows what would come next. As a 20-something, she's witnessed a person's tone change after they find out how old she is.

Report card: Madison school district grades its community engagement

Partnerships made three years into strategic plan

Imagine a neighborhood school that is not just a school. Imagine it is open to families and other community members to participate in a mix of activities. Maybe there’s a computer lab. Adult education courses. Job search support. A food bank. Services and support that the community needs that are not easily accessible.

Tia Nelson:The climate change champion

Nurturing the environment is in Nelson's blood

One of the ironies of this story is that conservationist Tia Nelson was accused of being obsessed with climate change at a time when she had pretty much left it behind.

Local groups weigh in on Walker's spending plan

Let the fight for funding begin.

State lawmakers will be scrutinizing Gov. Scott Walker’s 2017-19 spending plan over the next few months. The more than $70 billion budget will include funds for everything from the state’s military to Medicaid programs. Four local groups weighed in on what they’d put in the budget if they could.

Heinen: My year in music and poetry

Here's the added beauty Heinen found in 2016

I blame it on deadlines. Every writer has a love/hate relationship with deadlines. A friend gave me a small magnet that hangs on my door reading “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” Without them, I wouldn’t get as much done. But they can also be a pain in the neck. Normally I spend a little time at the end of the year thinking about the music and poetry I discovered that gave me pleasure, made me think and got me through the year, and then I write about it...