Stein says hand recount a must in Wisconsin

Recount scheduled to begin Thursday if state receives payment Tuesday

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein argues in her lawsuit seeking a hand recount in Wisconsin that it wouldn't be as time consuming as feared and that's the only way to ensure results of the election are accurate.

Voting steady at some Wisconsin polls

26 percent of expected voters have already cast ballots in Wisconsin

Poll workers and other observers are reporting steady voting in Tuesday's general election in Wisconsin after an early morning crunch of people, some of whom waited in long lines for a chance to cast their ballot.

Republicans fighting to hang onto Senate -- in 2016

Democrats sound eager about 2016 chances in Wisconsin, Illinois, elsewhere

Republicans are planning to use their newfound Senate majority to challenge President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats come January.

Elections board looks at ballot design

Wisconsin's elections board is considering changes to its model ballot design following a lawsuit earlier this year that argued the ballot was confusing and unfair.

Walker meeting with Sheldon Adelson in Vegas

Governor meets with billionaire

Gov. Scott Walker is in Las Vegas to meet with billionaire casino mogul and Republican super donor Sheldon Adelson, as Walker continues to consider running for president in 2016.

Iowans consider 2016 Walker candidacy

Walker considering whether to run

High above downtown Des Moines, a group of young Republicans gathered over lunch for the monthly meeting of the "Bull Moose Club" spent an afternoon digesting the results of this month's election.

State turnout falls below prediction

About 54 percent of Wisconsin's voting-age population cast ballots in the midterm election, the highest turnout in at least 60 years for a non-presidential year but below what was predicted.