Event on human development is Waisman Center at its best

The UW Madison's Waisman Center maintains its status as a world class center dedicated to advancing knowledge about human development, developmental disabilities and neurodegenerative diseases through research, teaching and service.

Current redistricting system is broken, unfair

The drumbeat for reform of the redistricting process in Wisconsin has certainly grown. At the urging of as many as eight editorial boards across Wisconsin, good government groups have gotten support and citizens have raised their voices.

White cane is symbol of independence

There are few images in our daily lives as powerful as that of a person with a visual impairment making their way through their day, through their life, with a white cane in hand.

Historic future of water

For the last five or six years we've been watching the maturation of the science of water as an economic development strategy for the city of Milwaukee with growing excitement.

Where to find facts on state economic growth

Of all the issues on our editorial agenda for this year, this one -- steering you in the right direction for facts in the upcoming elections -- has gotten the least attention. But that is changing, which makes sense given that the fall campaigns are just starting to pick up steam.

Here's to a satisfying next chapter for the Isthmus

As someone who had a front row seat to the birth of Isthmus newspaper 38 years ago, there is some nostalgia mixed into the news that co-founder Vince O'Hern and his wife, Linda Baldwin, have sold the venerable, alternative weekly.

'Yes' vote on Tuesday's referendum is vote for better government

It isn't always the case that we get a ready-made, bonus motivational tool to get residents to consider voting in the Spring election which, by the way, is Tuesday. But in addition to the by now familiar refrain of how important local elections are, especially school boards – think about it for a minute – Tuesday's election is also an opportunity for voters to be heard on arguably the most important issue of electoral democracy, good government and fair play facing this state right now – redistricting reform.

Guarding against constant threats

This week is National Sunshine Week, the annual observance of the importance of access to public information, promoting open government and pushing back against excessive secrecy.

Call for redistricting reform

Newspapers around the state, including the Wisconsin State Journal, and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel are asking with one voice for a hearing to be scheduled in the state legislature on a bill to change how redistricting is done in Wisconsin.