2 earthquakes in 3 days rattle ... Baltimore

(CNN) -- When we think about earthquakes in the US, they're usually somewhere around Los Angeles, or maybe Alaska, right? But Baltimore? The Maryland city has had two earthquakes in just three days -- both as small as they are…

Red Cross ready to help those affected by the earthquake

Ridgecrest, CA -- The Red Cross has an emergency shelter open at the Kerr McGee that has a capacity of 500. Right now the Red Cross says there are 129 people there with supplies coming from Los Angeles and Kern Counties to help.

At least 2 injured as earthquake hits Panama

A lightly populated area of Panama near the border with Costa Rica was hit by an earthquake Sunday, causing some porches to collapse and shaking items from store shelves, The Associated Press reported.

These homes can withstand hurricanes, earthquakes and fires

Some of the world's most scenic locations for luxury homes --- beachfronts, forests, mountains --- are also prone to disaster: hurricanes and floods, wildfires and earthquakes. Architects and designers are increasingly tasked with creating gorgeous homes that are also able to stand up to nature's whims.