Description, images released in 32-year-old cold case

Decomposed body of woman found on rural road in Columbia County

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office is hoping new DNA information, an approximate description and a facial approximation will help identify the remains of a woman found, according to a release.

DNA testing cold cases better, not perfect

After years with no answers, investigators sometimes look to DNA testing to help solve a cold case, but experts say the testing process is very different than what television shows portray.

Swabbing before conviction upheld by Supreme Court

U.S. high justices' DNA collection call in line with state proposal

If new rules are approved by the legislature, officers and deputies would be able to swab people for DNA upon arrest of a felony, and anyone convicted of a misdemeanor would go into the DNA database.

Republican praises DNA arrest court decision

U.S. Supreme Court releases ruling

A Republican on the Legislature's finance committee says a U.S. Supreme Court decision that seizing DNA upon arrest is legal should soothe concerns about the practice in Wisconsin.

Proposal would collect DNA in misdemeanor cases

Lawmakers move to expand DNA database by requiring samples for lesser crimes

Joint Finance leaders passed a Department of Justice proposal on Friday that changes current DNA testing requirements for criminals to include anyone arrested for a felony and all misdemeanor convictions.

Budget committee to consider DNA expansion

Walker's budget lays out $6 million for initiative

Wisconsin lawmakers are set this week to consider Gov. Scott Walker's plan to take DNA from anyone arrested for a felony and anyone convicted of any crime.

DOJ wants DNA collection expanded

New proposal would increase sampling by 56,000

Those convicted of a felony are already required to give DNA samples, but the Wisconsin Department of Justice wants to include all adults convicted of misdemeanors in the DNA database.