Felony charges against man later accused of homicide delayed 3 years

Dakota Black allegedly stole credit card from McFarland man

Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne is answering questions about why it took his office three years to file felony charges against two men. One of those men was later accused of first-degree intentional homicide in the death of a young boy.

DA: Deputies justified in fatal Primrose shooting

Suspect's use of weapons, struggle over deputy's gun warranted deadly force, Ozanne says

The deputies involved in a shooting earlier this month that left a man dead will not face charges in connection with the incident, the district attorney said Tuesday afternoon.

DA responds to concerns over Burnside's plea deal

Suspect accused of killing woman while driving drunk last year

The Dane County District Attorney is addressing concerns over a plea deal for an alleged drunken driver after a victim's family called the deal a failure.

Dane County child abuse program now campaign issue

Parents referred to DA's office go into education program instead of jail, probation

A program quietly started in the Dane County District Attorney's Office last fall is now an issue in the race for attorney general.

Changes proposed for officer-involved shooting reviews

Panel would come from outside department, provide recommendation to DA

A bill in the state Legislature wants to change the way local police react after an officer-involved shooting. The measure would prevent police from investigating themselves.

Child-abuse convict to get new trial

Judge says DA delayed evidence

A Fox Valley man who was sentenced to eight years in prison on child-abuse and other convictions will receive a new trial.