Family sues Dane County for records on fatal fire

Chris Williams' family wants records on incident with dispatch delay

The family of a man who died in a south side fire is suing Dane County to get access to public records related to the Oct. 16, 2013, incident.

Sirens sounded 9 minutes after Verona tornado warning

County executive says NWS warnings will be automatically followed in future

Dane County's 911 Center officially sounded sirens at least nine minutes after a tornado warning had been issued last month during a storm that damaged numerous homes and an elementary school in Verona.

Family plans to sue Dane County for dispatch delays

Parents, brother of Chris Williams file legal document for 'wrongful death'

According to legal documents, the family of Chris Williams is ready to sue Dane County, its Public Safety Communications and 911 Center Director John Dejung.

Fire dept.: Closer crews should assign themselves to emergencies

More than 100 complaints filed over computer-aided dispatch system

Madison Fire Department officials have told their members to assign themselves to emergencies throughout the city if they think they can get somewhere quickly. This comes after the department has experienced numerous computer-related problems with the Dane County 911 Center.

Parisi wants closest resources responding to 911 emergencies

Proposal made after News 3 investigation

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi is asking the 911 Center Board to authorize a policy sending the closest possible resources to a fire or emergency medical situation no matter if that's in a different city.

Dispatch to fatal fire delayed nearly 4 minutes

911 center director not able to account for 2 minutes of delay

A 51-year-old Madison native died in an apartment fire last October that took the Dane County 911 Center nearly four minutes to dispatch firefighters to. The three minutes and 48 seconds before fire crews were alerted is more than two minutes longer than the national standard set for getting firefighters to a structure fire.

Committee to start reviewing 911 center protocols

County, city leaders disagree over call center's response times

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi is calling for due diligence as the 911 Oversight Committee begins its work to establish operating practices for the county's 911 center.

911 dispatch debate: Safe or slow?

Director wants to stick with protocol; Madison's mayor says its too many questions

There's some math that goes into dispatching emergency crews after someone dials 911 and reaches a Dane County dispatcher.

Clinton officer recovering after attack

Struggle described as violent, extensive

A 58-year-old Terry P. Robinson of Clinton was arrested on suspicion of attempted first-degree homicide after authorities say he attempted to shoot a cop at point-blank range with the officer's duty weapon.