Which diets are most effective?

U.S. News evaluated some of the most popular diets, using input from health experts to assist with their rankings. Take a look at the top-five ranked diets.

Fattest states in America

Obesity is becoming the new normal in the United States, but the problem is bigger in some states than in others.

Packers QB cuts cheese out of diet

Green Bay Packers quarter Aaron Rodgers said part of his long-term nutrition plan includes cutting cheese out of his diet, according to ESPN.

DNR changes musky diet at hatchery

Workers may switch to manufactured fish food

Wisconsin wildlife officials are experimenting with a new menu for muskies at the Wild Rose Fish Hatchery.

Studies Link Coffee, Soda With Stroke Risks

A recent study from the University of Miami shows that diet soda increases your risk of stroke, but at the same time there's a Swedish study that says drinking a cup of coffee can prevent it.