Explosives threat one of many in Avery case

Bomb threats to a Wisconsin county sheriff's office made with an apparent reference to "getting justice" for the convict profiled in the popular Netflix series "Making a Murderer" is the latest in a long string of threats made to the department and its officers since the series went online.

Firefighter injured in blaze downtown

A Madison firefighter suffered minor injuries Thursday morning following a fire at a downtown Madison apartment complex, according to the Madison Fire Department.

Blooming Grove considers closing fire department

Officials look into contracting service calls to Madison crews

Town of Blooming Grove officials are exploring the option of getting rid of its fire department and contracting service calls out to Madison.

Scammer pretending to be officer calls MPD sergeant

Sergeant points out holes in caller's story

A phone scammer pretending to be a police officer called a Madison police sergeant who wasn't buying the con artist's story, according to a release from Madison police.

Investigators put a new law into action after multiple police shootings

Officer-involved shooting investigations are already following new protocol

Just a week after Governor Scott Walker signed a bill into law that changes the way departments investigate an officer firing his or her weapon, two fatal officer-involved shootings have taken place in Dane County.

Madison announces Koval as new police chief

Koval chosen over Capt. Carl Gloede

Madison police Sgt. Mike Koval will be Madison's next police chief. Koval was named to the position by the city's Police and Fire Commission on Friday.