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The UK is staggering toward another Brexit cliffhanger

The UK is staggering towards another Brexit cliff edge. A deal has been agreed between Boris Johnson's government and the European Union, but there's very little chance that this will be ratified in London before Halloween, the current deadline for the United Kingdom's departure.

Northern Ireland legalizes abortion, same-sex marriage

At the stroke of midnight on Monday, Northern Ireland's restrictive abortion and same-sex marriage laws came to an end, after the region failed to restore its power-sharing executive that collapsed more than 1,000 days ago.

What will happen next in Britain's Brexit drama?

Even the most optimistic of Theresa May's allies are preparing for her to lose next week's crucial House of Commons vote on her Brexit deal. After three crushing defeats for her government earlier this week, and with her Brexit plans opposed by MPs in a

Winners and losers from the UK election

Don't just look at the results from Britain's polls that had Theresa May's Conservatives coming in at number one ahead of Jeremy Corbyn and Labour -- the real winners and losers are far more interesting.