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Obama unloads on Trump, GOP in midterm speech

Former President Barack Obama spent a sizable amount of time in a speech he gave in Illinois on Friday criticizing Republicans in Congress and President Donald Trump, while stressing the importance of voting in the fast-approaching midterm elections.

Landrieu: Democrats must 'govern in a pragmatic way'

Former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu distinguished himself from budding voices in the left wing of the Democratic Party on Sunday and called for a "big tent" approach in the run-up to the midterm elections.

Bernie Sanders: Supreme Court fight won't be won in Washington

Complaining about the process or Republican tactics is a dead end for Democrats fighting to block Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation, Sen. Bernie Sanders argued on Thursday, as he prepared to hit the road and rally opposition to President Donald Trump's second nominee in less than two years.

Democrats set early 2020 convention date

Democrats will hold their convention in 2020 earlier than they have in more than two decades, Democratic operatives tell CNN, partly out of anticipation of a crowded and contentious primary.

A new, smaller role proposed for superdelegates

Democrats charged with deciding the fate of "superdelegates," the automatic unpledged delegates criticized for their outsized influence on the party's primary process, are closer to a final agreement on reducing their role in electing Democratic presidential nominees.

Biden meets with 'Blue Collar' Democrats on the Hill

Former Vice President Joe Biden was back on Capitol Hill meeting with Democrats on Wednesday ahead of the midterm elections, attempting to bridge a divide in his party between progressives and blue-collar voters.

Uncertainty looms as Italy votes

One of Europe's most critical elections of the year is underway, with Italians voting in a divisive parliamentary election that is likely to push the country into a state of political paralysis with no outright winner in sight.

Clinton criticizes Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Bradley

MILWAUKEE, Wis. -- Hillary Clinton waded into local politics during her visit to Wisconsin, criticizing a state Supreme Court candidate whose college writings two decades ago slammed gays, abortion rights and even former president Bill Clinton.

Man accused of political threats released

Federal officials say a man has been released from custody after he was arrested in northern Wisconsin last week after threatening to blow up the state Democratic Party headquarters. 

Recall Moves Forward Without Obvious Walker Challenger

The effort to recall Gov. Scott Walker has continued despite the fact that his opponents haven't publicly rallied around a particular candidate to oppose him as yet. SURVEY: Who Should Challenge Walker In Recall? VIDEO: Watch The Report