New Dane County emergency system faces more delays

$18M communication systems originally set to be released last summer

The rollout of Dane County's $18 million emergency communications system set for Monday has been postponed again, and its day-to-day manager said there is no information available "as to when it may commence."

More 911 dispatchers included in county budget

6 positions to be added by next summer

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi is proposing the Public Safety Communications Center add six new 911 dispatchers next year to address high summer call volumes.

County board approves new 5-year deal for 911 director

DeJung has been under fire recently for center performance

The Dane County Board has unanimously approved a new five-year contract for 911 Center director John DeJung, despite concerns by some law enforcement about slow response times at the center.

Future of 911 center director will be decided at Thursday meeting

Board chair thinks decision should wait until performance review is complete

The future of Dane County 911 Center Director John Dejung will be decided by the Dane County Board of Supervisors on Thursday, despite a request from the leader of the 911 Center Board to delay the vote.

Parisi calls for immediate changes to 911 system

Memo released Friday in response to News 3 investigation

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi wants smarter staffing decisions, better strategies and a suspension of how all 911 calls for police help are handled in an effort to "reduce call answer times" and the times it takes to dispatch emergency crews to a scene.

Thousands of 911 callers have ‘unacceptable' wait

911 director: "We hope we don't have problems that are really life threatening"

The Dane County 911 Center has failed to meet national standards over the last year for answering emergency calls quickly enough, and data from each of the last four quarters shows thousands of calls took longer than 40 seconds to answer, according to a News 3 investigation.