11 places for homemade slices of pie

Plus one pie-ish pie!

While pie varieties are endless, there’s one thing pies need in order to qualify in our book: it must taste like it’s homemade.

Muramoto Downtown finds a better fit

Newest spot is third iteration on King Street

We would say “happy one-year anniversary” to this restaurant that opened doors downtown around this time last year, but Muramoto Downtown isn’t technically a newbie to King Street.

Michel: Savor the holiday season

Karen Michel finds taste to be a powerful sense

The holidays give us that opportunity to reawaken the palate, to gather with family and friends around our favorite foods in anticipation of a celebratory feast.

Hot or not holiday dishes

Which of these do you pass or eat the entire bowl?

We thought it’d be fun to ask a few local chefs what their favorite and least favorite items are at the holiday table.

Edith Hilliard's principles and cookies

During Kwanzaa, baked goods outnumber the people

By the time the family gathers at Edith Hilliard’s house to celebrate Kwanzaa, baked goods outnumber the people 20 to one.

Completing a Jewish holiday table with challah bread

UW Hillel donates challah proceeds to charities

The beautifully braided bread is often a centerpiece of Jewish families’ holiday tables, generally taking the shape of a long loaf when served on Fridays in particular. 

Local businesses continue using jingles

Remember the Oscar Mayer song?

Madison is home to one of the most catchy national jingles: Oscar Mayer’s famous “Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer weiner” commercial.

To be Jewish in America

A Rabbi recollects on her personal experiences

"As a rabbi who has served congregations in small towns around the country, I’ve seen the impact of anti-Semitism on Jewish communities large and small." 

Recipe: Decked out cookies

A Jewish woman's version of decorating a tree

Growing up in a Jewish family, I was always jealous of my friends who celebrated Christmas because all I wanted was to decorate a Christmas tree.

Mahesh Sharma's sweet memories

They cook for days preparing sweets galore

During Diwali, the people of Rama prepare by offering him, other deities and each other more sweets than they will see all year.

Sujhey Beisser's unwritten recipe

These Venezuelan hallacas are made from memory

There is no written recipe for hallacas, the savory Venezuelan tamales passed down through generations and served hot to celebrate Christmas. Sujhey Beisser follows her instinct and her childhood memories, then makes the recipe her own.

Young and Pious

The Madison Diocese ordained three younger priests

The past summer, the Madison Diocese ordained three Catholic priests. These under 30 men have different backgrounds but a shared vision of the priesthood as a righteous calling.

Jeff Scott Olson: A civil rights crusader

Olson paved the way for civil rights law

Olson, 67, is one of Wisconsin’s premier civil rights attorneys, a pioneer in a field that was new when he started practicing law four decades ago.

Wisconsin Candle Co. smells like home

Store moves to a bigger location in Waunakee

What started out as a kitchen table project in 2012 has grown into a company supplying 60 small shops and boutiques in Wisconsin, the Boston Store, Sendik’s and its own brick and mortar store.

9 favorite cookie recipes

Remember the tastes of home with these recipes

Some of our staff members and writers share the cookie recipes that remind them of home.

No ice bucket needed

A Midwesterner's alternative to a refrigerator

My mother, the perpetual host of nearly all of my family’s holiday gatherings, is one sneaky woman.