TSA looking at $300 million in cuts

A new internal document obtained by CNN shows the Transportation Security Administration's proposal to eliminate screening at more than 150 small to medium sized airports is just one of several cost-saving measures the agency is discussing.

Blanchard among cuts despite strong camp

Alex Van Pelt has enough work to do, coaching both the Green Bay Packers' quarterbacks and wide receivers. He was not looking to appoint himself general manager. But, if Packers GM Ted Thompson decides to bring back quarterback Matt Blanchard to fill one of the team's 10 practice-squad slots, Van Pelt would be thrilled.

Public education ‘pep rally' takes aim at budget proposal

Many of the 200 southern Wisconsin educators, administrators, parents and students attending a so-called pro-education 'pep rally' at Cardinal Heights Upper Middle School Monday took direct aim at the current legislative public education package proposal.

UW-Madison says 400 jobs to be cut under Walker budget

The chancellor of the flagship Madison campus of the University of Wisconsin says it will have to cut about 400 positions, close and merge programs and reduce academic offerings and services if Gov. Scott Walker's proposed budget cut passes.

Wisconsin Public Television goes door-to-door amid cuts

As the public television and radio shows one million Wisconsinites watch and listen to every year face an uncertain budget future, Wisconsin Public Television has started seeking door-to-door donations from "viewers like you."