Consumer Reports: Travel club gotchas

Expensive vacations to exotic places often seem out of reach. So many people join travel clubs, which promise years of discounted airfare, hotels and dining. But Consumer Reports has found that hundreds of those dream vacations have turned into nightmares.

Consumer Reports: Credit score problems

Your credit score is a critical number  - it can determine whether you get a loan or a job. But CR finds close to half of us never check their reports to know if they're accurate.  What you need to know to keep your report up-to-date.

Consumer Reports: Make charity donations count

Forty percent of charitable donations are made in the last few weeks of the year.  How can you determine if a charity is worth your hard earned dollars?  You might be surprised at how some organizations spend their donations.

Consumer Reports: Arsenic in rice

New guidelines on how much rice you and your kids should eat because many rice products have significant levels of arsenic, which is linked to cancer. Important for parents with babies because rice cereal is often a child's first solid food.

Consumer Reports: High-fee college bank cards

As college students head off to school, they have to figure out how to set up their banking and receive their financial aid. Campus-sponsored bank accounts and prepaid cards may seem an easy and convenient choice. They often also serve as student IDs.

Wisconsin hospitals ranked for unnecessary C-sections

Madison facility rated below average for number of cesareans performed

Consumer Reports has rated hospitals across the country for unnecessary cesarean procedures. About 80 Wisconsin hospitals are involved, including two from Madison.