How kids around the world get to school

Back to school season in the United States brings droves of big yellow school buses and crammed carpool lanes, but in other parts of the world, how children commute to class can vary widely.

Madison will plow all city streets Wednesday

Officials: expect a slippery morning commute

Officials from the Madison streets department say that the snow that continues to fall will cause all residential streets to be plowed Wednesday.

Snow slows morning commute

Snow and frigid conditions made it slow going for commuters trying to get to work Monday morning in Madison.

Street Crews Continue To Salt Roads

Madison street crews will continue salting city streets through the rest of the evening commute.As the snow stops, the city said it will send out sand crews to tackle hills, curves and icy spots on residential streets.The City of Madison…

Good Question: What Happens To Roadkill?

Road kill might be ugly, smelly hazard that commuters face every day on Wisconsin's roads, but someone has to clean up the mess.Tens of thousands of animals are killed every year in Wisconsin because of car collisions, officials said. But…