Madison police work to connect with community

MPD hopes officers are involved in community beyond law enforcement

Now the officer-involved shooting death of 31-year-old Dontre Hamilton in Milwaukee brings the problem closer to home.

Janesville unveils new plans for fire station

Plans to build a new central fire station in Janesville have been a sensitive topic for some community members. Now with the latest proposal showing a reduction in the building's size to cut costs, some residents are wondering if it will be worth it in the end.

Beloit walks to stop violence

Volunteers to accompany students on routes home after school

The Beloit community is putting its best foot forward with the start of a new initiative to protect the city's youth.

Wisconsin's largest municipal solar array completed

Dane County Regional Airport unveils state's largest solar array

According to a report, the new, green-built airfield maintenance building at the Dane County Regional Airport is finally completed, and is home to the state's largest solar array.

Bypass is bad for business, Milton neighbors say

Community considers more signs on highway, business 26

Milton community says the route to Milton is not clearly marked off of the bypass causing people to miss the destination completely, which has been bad for business.

Fire causes $35,000 damage to retirement home

Fire department credits sprinklers with limiting damage

The Madison Fire Department says sprinklers at a retirement community on the city's west side made a major difference in helping them put out a blaze Thursday night.