Description, images released in 32-year-old cold case

Decomposed body of woman found on rural road in Columbia County

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office is hoping new DNA information, an approximate description and a facial approximation will help identify the remains of a woman found, according to a release.

Man pleads no contest to drug, theft charges

DOJ: Alexander Prieve allegedly stole property from girlfriend's mother

A Columbia County man pleaded no contest to charges that he delivered drugs and pawned stolen property from his girlfriend's mother, according to a release.

1,000 gallons of gas spilled in fuel tanker crash

Deputies investigate crash on Highway 73 in Columbia County

About 1,000 gallons of gasoline were spilled when a fuel tanker crashed on Highway 73 in Columbia County early Tuesday morning, according to a release.

Woman convicted in stabbing gets 5 years prison

Jailer had bailed woman out, lived with her after charges

A Wisconsin Dells woman convicted of using a kitchen knife to stab her former live-in partner multiple times is sentenced to five years in prison.

Pardeeville man killed in motorcycle crash

Deputies: Motorcycle driver not wearing helmet at time of crash

A Pardeeville man was killed in a motorcycle crash in the town of Caledonia Sunday night, according to a release from the Columbia County Sheriff's Office.