Cold doesn't stop Wonder Bugs from exploring

Kids learn through outdoor activities at nature center

The thought of a Wisconsin winter can make someone want to cozy up indoors, but the people at Aldo Leopold Nature Center in Monona always have a way to get outdoors.

Evidence to be reused against Wis. convict

Man going on trial in wife's shooting death

Evidence that helped convict a Wisconsin Rapids man of a 2008 homicide will come into play when he goes on trial for the 1984 shooting death of his wife.

Pipes freeze early this winter

Take time to winterize your home before the holidays

The quick cool-down this November is already wreaking havoc on homes whose owners weren't expecting winter so soon. Plumbers say they're already receiving calls for frozen and burst pipes.

Plans in place to avoid another propane shortage

Cold winter, corn drying increased propane use by 14 percent last year

With the return of the polar vortex and temperatures plunging across much of the state officials, with the Wisconsin Propane Gas Association said they are better prepared to avoid the kind of shortages that plagued the region last winter.

What Shakespeare has in common with this winter

Subzero temperatures make keeping water troughs for animals full harder

Wisconsin farms and Shakespeare rarely collide in the same sentence, but given the frigid conditions, this could be the "winter of our discontent."

Cold weather forces street crews to use sand

Madison crews to focus on main arterials Wednesday

The Madison streets department is warning drivers that they won't be able to use salt to clean up city streets Wednesday due to falling temperatures.

Businesses burned by freezing cold winter

Profits down 10% this season for Middleton restaurant, owner says he's not alone

James "Moose" Werner has seen some bad winters in his more than 30 years running Club Tavern, but he can't remember one that froze out business like this one.

A look back at Wisconsin's historically cold, snowy weather

Karin Swanson looks at the coldest and snowiest days, years, cities

If you travel to the National Weather Service in Sullivan, Wis., you'll see computer screens filled with isobars, radar and satellite views, and projections galore. Outside of the office, snow is measured the good old fashioned way and a new high tech way.

Area braces for more snow, cold

Snow expected Friday, Saturday

Temperatures will be on the rise Friday, but it will be a brief break from the bitterly cold temperatures expected to return through early next week.

Meals on wheels continues despite cold

Home Health United volunteers delivers to 230 people

While many stayed indoors during the frigid weather Monday, others ventured out to make sure hot meals got to those who need them.