VA may have fumbled over 1,000 sexual trauma claims, report says

The Department of Veterans Affairs incorrectly processed hundreds of claims related to military sexual trauma last year -- a breakdown in procedure that may have "resulted in the denial of benefits to veterans who could have been entitled to receive them," according to a report from the VA's Office of the Inspector General released Tuesday.

Officials investigate claims in body-burning letter

Man convicted of mutilating teen's corpse says another man killed her

It's been almost a year since the death of Aprina Paul. As her family plans an anniversary to celebrate her life, the man convicted of burning her body wrote to the family to claim he is innocent.

Group Behind Walker Recall Has Links To Democratic Party

Members of United Wisconsin said that they're a grassroots, independent group trying to recall Gov. Scott Walker, but Republican leaders claim there are too many Democratic staffers involved to call the group "independent." VIDEO: Watch The Report READ: Walker Says He Doesn't Know How Much He'll Spend READ: Walker Supporters Hold Recall The Recall Event