Pittsburgh car's surprise cargo is nuts

If you park your car outside, you might want to look under the hood every once in a while. You could end up with a little surprise from the critters in your yard.

Black bear breaks into car

Welcome to springtime Estes Park, Colorado: elk traffic jams, blooming flowers and snow (at least at lower elevations) starting to melt.

Aston Martin unveils its first electric car

Aston Martin unveiled the British luxury brand's first electric car at the Shanghai Motor Show, but don't expect to see many more. Only 155 of the four-door Rapide E will ever be produced.

Murdered chasing mercenaries

At the end of January this year, a giant Ilyushin-76 cargo aircraft touched down at the airport in Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic. It was the first of nine flights that brought tons of Russian weapons to bolster CAR's fragile government.