How one university saved Savannah's architectural history

In his 1994 Pulitzer Prize finalist "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," John Berendt wrote, "For me, Savannah's resistance to change was its saving grace. The city looked inward, sealed off from the noises and distractions of the world at large."

How to rebuild a Gothic masterpiece like Notre Dame

As the ashes settle in the embers of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, the laborious restoration process can begin. Rebuilding will take years, possibly more than a decade. Yet, for a Gothic masterpiece that famously took 107 years to construct, and stood for centuries more, this may simply mark the latest evolution of a building that has been reshaped many times in its 850-year history.

Baraboo, Sauk Prairie referendums pass

Referendums fund projects to improve, build school buildings

Sauk County voters in Baraboo and Sauk Prairie were asked to approve school-improvement referendums Tuesday.

Legislators Consider Concealed Carry Policies At Capitol

With the state's new concealed carry law set to take effect on Tuesday and Gov. Scott Walker poised to unveil his administration's policy, legislators sought to clarify their own stance in the area of the Capitol that they control. VIDEO: Watch The Report SURVEY: Do You Think Concealed Weapons Should Be Allowed In Capitol?