Three Gaza teens killed in Israeli airstrike

An Israeli airstrike killed three young Palestinian teenagers near the fence that separates Gaza and Israel on Sunday evening, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Mail bomb suspect targeted CNN, others on social media

The man arrested and charged by authorities on Friday in connection with a wave of mail bombs wrote a number of posts on social media vilifying news organizations, including one tweet in which he showed an image of a burning building affixed with a CNN logo and said the media outlet "needs to be abolished once [and] for all."

Mailed pipe bombs spread fear in several states

With every intercepted pipe bomb and suspicious package, fear spread from New York to Washington, Florida, Delaware and California. The devices stashed in manila envelopes and mailed nationwide targeted top Democrats, critics of President Donald Trump and CNN.

Police: Austin bomber left 25-minute confession video on phone

As the Austin bomber sensed that authorities were closing in on him on Tuesday night, he took out his cell phone and recorded a 25-minute video confessing to building the explosive devices -- but didn't explain why he targeted his victims, interim Austin police Chief Brian Manley said.

Timeline: Austin bomb attacks

Five devices have exploded across Texas during March, four in Austin and one in Schertz, killing two people and injuring at least four others. A 24-year-old white male suspect killed himself Wednesday as authorities closed in.

Wis. women share stories from Israel amidst violence

Woman in Israel has app that goes off when missile is launched across Gaza border

Alexandra Zimmern chose to spend her summer studying Jewish texts in Jerusalem. Sirens have sounded three times since she arrived. When she hears that noise, she has 90 seconds to take cover.