Farmers worry about dairy prices as deadline nears

Farmers say without changes, milk could cost $6 a gallon

While the White House and Congress struggle to avert the economic "fiscal cliff," dairy farmers are worried that the outcome of the effort could affect the farm bill and milk prices.

Walker Signs Abstinence, Abortion Bills

Gov. Scott Walker has signed a bill that requires schools that teach sex education to stress abstinence as the only contraception option, and one that bans insurance exchange coverage of abortions.The only exception to the abortion law is in the…

Bill Would Lift Sex Assault Lawsuit Limits

A state lawmaker said Tuesday she will try again to clear the way for more civil lawsuits against child molesters, telling reporters she has again introduced a bill that would wipe out the statute of limitations barring such actions.

Labor Group Prepares For General Strike

The South Central Federation of Labor has endorsed the concept of a general strike in response to Gov. Scott Walker's proposed budget repair bill, but members said they would need to educate the public first before something like this would happen.

BPA Ban Debated At Public Hearing

A Wisconsin bill that would make it illegal to make or sell infant bottles or cups for children under 5 that contain bisphenol A, or BPA, was debated at a public hearing at the state Capitol Tuesday. VIDEO: Watch The Report