Best of Madison Business 2019: Leaders with 20/20

Five individuals receive the award for their work

On the cusp of 2020, a date many have actually targeted for more than 20 years as a benchmark of Madison’s growth as a region, our business sector is ready for its close-up.

Best of Madison Business 2017: Six leaders who are building up this city

Meet these talented, forward-thinking individuals.

We are watching Madison mature as a city right in front of our eyes. In our case, it’s taken a while—a hundred years or so. What can we say? We’re late bloomers. But we can see it happening. It is, in part, growth. Madison is unlikely to ever be a big city; you see, there’s that whole isthmus thing we’ve got going. But density is no longer a dirty word, and we’re filling out at the edges. And a quarter of a million

Best of Madison Business 2012: Poised to Break Through

Technology and the biosciences have been pillars of the Madison region’s economic development strategy for more than a decade now. We’ve invested heavily in these sectors, and the never-ending conundrum of a shortage of venture capital suggests untold, unlimited potential.

Best of Madison Business 2010

This year's Best of Madison Business Awards honor three organizations and their leaders whose fingertips are all over the social, physical and economic landscape of our growing city.

Best of Madison Business 2009

If we lack anything in Madison, it's certainly not big thinkers. Courageous people who see a problem or opportunity, think of a new idea and work-despite so many reasons not to try-to make it happen. We honor four local business visionaries this month in our annual Best of Madison Business Awards.